June 4, 2013

on stage

This is the work I showed in Art Basel last month. It combines with 3 hanging scrolls. Larger image will be uploaded to my website later:)


liina said...

always love your 'work in progress' pictures - beautiful!

joey said...

hi liina, thank you very much!

kimi said...

I love your work's traditional nod and fantastical imagery. Thank you for sharing the progress ~ truly beautiful as usual.

joey said...

Thank you so much, Kimi!

Pele Leung said...

Hi Joey,

This is a great piece of art and I like the text too - so true. I found your site because when I was searching my own footprints on web. Guess what? my name is Leung Ka Yin too but the Chinese word is slightly different. My "Yin" is the "nature" one. Anyway, keep up your good work :-)

Pele Leung (Ka Yin)

joey said...

Hi Ka Yin,

Thank you very much for your message!! It's great to meet another Leung Ka Yin:D

Ka Yin:)