October 21, 2011


finally, I finished the work of a coming group show in San Diego:) it should be my last exhibition in 2011. i didn't make many works this year...i spent more time than i expected on each work, especially the "wishing well"( it took me almost 3 months...) 
um... it's time for me to sit down and think about my solo exhibition next year~


Anonymous said...

congratulations Joey! Hope you have some time to take rest!
by the way, when is the solo exhibtion held ar?


joey said...

hi fongfong,

thanks ar!
my solo maybe held in oct next year. actually, its a long time from now...ha, but you know i take looooong time to make my works and i don't want to rush...
so i begin thinking about it lu.
are you busy recently?

ff said...

i see. joey. great! hope i can see it next year.
i guess it isn't really long. you just got one year to prepare...hope you have ample time for preparation.
i'm busy and lazy recently..haa :)