January 20, 2011






Thanks for your coming!
May it be the last year that "cold ears factory" joins fotanian open studio? I don't know... if the rent rise a lot. We have to leave...


ff said...

Oh..really a big problem..really hope there is a way out! my studio too...+rent...~~
hope your studio could survive! we shall meet on April la..

joey said...

thanks ar! but we can do nothing to resist this happens...

Unknown said...

Dear Joey,

I'm Walter Wan 尹浩翔, your secondary school classmate. Long time no see.Do you remember me?

I'm now studying an Arctectural course in HKU space and I'm have been assigned a design assignment which will design a studio/ workshop including an exhibition place/ Gallery for a local artist. Could you be convenient to squeeze some time so that I could have an interview with you for collecting further information of your work as I intend to invite you be my target artist.

Please contact me on 96692589 or through e-mail walter_rx178@hotmail.com if you are interested in.

Thank in Advance,