November 30, 2010

From this to that - 3


This is a beautiful peony and, it's hugh!
The diameter of that flower is 20cm!


fongfong said...

hi joey. i just think of your works and be here when i am badly suffering tortures from a presentation and paper. really glad to see the paintings, your inscriptions makes me laugh. i especially like the handscroll you make/paint, dunno why it embedded in my mind; and your "flowers". Lately, i am thinking should we study and interpret everything about a work of art? People (scholars) study / interpret a work of art, in no doubt, they are providing lots of information and interpretation and heading to more and more understandings about the a way sometimes i doubt would such "everything" make the work dry? would it be, afterall, visual pleasure is prominent element for so-called visual art? I should write you later about the meiren...thank you very much! add oil :)
p.s. Frank just published book - "I like Hong Kong". He discussed several pages on your work. you know?

joey said...

hey fong fong, happy to see you here! paper and presentation do make us extausted and frustrated...but i think you can overcome!
yes, will wait for your meiren project:)
i don't know frank's book has published. hope i can read it later!
add oil ar!!