April 16, 2012

Desire: Exhibition at Goethe Institut

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on the occasion of the book launch of Hong Kong Artists – 20 Portraits during ART HK 12

In May last year, Goethe-Institut Hongkong presented the exhibition Urban Utopia during the Hong Kong International Art Fair (ART HK), where paintings and installations of young Hong Kong artists Ho Sin-tung and Tang Kwok-hin, whose works are acquired by the Deutsche Bank Collection (lead sponsor of ART HK), were shown. As an institution promoting cultural dialogues between Germany and Hong Kong, we continue this tradition of presenting young Hong Kong artists concurrently to the ART HK and, for this year, we show new works by Eastman Cheng, Joey Leung Ka-yin and Lam Tung-pang in two consecutive exhibitions at the Goethe-Gallery. Cheng, Leung and Lam are among the featured artists in the book Hong Kong Artists – 20 Portraits to be released during ART HK 12 and launched at the Goethe-Gallery on May 15, 2012. Edited by Cordelia and Christoph Noe and published by Verlag für moderne Kunst in Nuremberg, the book focuses on artists born between the late 1970s and the mid 1980s. A series of introductory essays on identity, culture, urbanism, economy and artistic traditions frame the parameters of this collection of artists and their work and ideas.

Book Launch: HONG KONG ARTISTS – 20 Portraits

Edited by Cordelia and Christoph Noe, Published by Verlag für moderne Kunst

7:00pm, 15.5.2012, Goethe-Gallery

Opening of the exhibition “Past Continuous Tense” – New Paintings by Lam Tung-pang will take place at the same time

Hong Kong not only plays host to one of the most significant art and auction markets, but is also home to an extremely vibrant local art scene. Hong Kong Artists is the first international publication dedicated to this unique and burgeoning artistic landscape, introducing 20 visual contemporary artists through a collection of proclaiming images and writings. The featured artists are born between the late 1970s and the mid 1980s. Editors of “Hong Kong Artists – 20 Portraits” Cordelia and Christoph Noe will be present at the book launch to introduce the background of this publication project. The 20 featured artists are: Nadim Abbas, Eastman Cheng, Chow Chun-fai, Ho Sin-tung, Chi Hoi, Phoebe Hui, Kwan Sheung Chi, Lam Tung-pang, Lee Kit, Joey Leung Ka-yin, Ma Ho-yin, Pak Sheung-chuen, Eric Siu, Tang Kwok-hin, Tsang Kin-wah, Adrian Wong, Magdalen Wong, Morgan Wong, Wong Wai-yin and Samson Young. Authors include Connie Lam (Director of Hong Kong Arts Centre), Anthony Yung (Asian Art Archive researcher), Pauline J. Yao (art critic, Beijing), Philip Tinari (Director of Ullens Center for Contemporary Arts, Beijing) and Kito Nedo (art critic , Berlin) among others. The 224-page book in flexcover (26 x 21cm) is written in English.

The followings are the two exhibitions by three of the featured artists in Hong Kong Artists – 20 Portraits:

Exhibition: DESIRE

Sculptures and paintings by Eastman Cheng and Joey Leung Ka-yin

18.4. – 10.5.2012, Goethe-Gallery

Opening at 7:00pm on 18.4.2012 (Wed) in the presence of both artists

Wishing Well by Joey Leung Ka-yin                         
Immortal by Eastman Cheng

“Desire” is the topic of this joint exhibition by female artists Eastman Cheng and Joey Leung Ka-yin. Graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Joey Leung Ka-yin combines traditional Chinese painting and popular culture in her works, which are usually accompanied by her own contemporary writing to give a flavor of Chinese art. In this exhibition, Leung continues to explore the topic of human desire with new paintings in addition to her existing ones. Parallel to Leung’s paintings are sculptures by Eastman Cheng, who extends her interpretation of desire through sculptural figures of saints from both East and West.

Graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (BA Fine Arts, 2000; MFA, 2007), Joey Leung Ka-yin explores the use of contemporary writing equipments to present the flavor of Chinese art, trying to push the boundary of different media. The stories in her artworks depict her feeling and fantasy towards modern life. It’s also an attempt to introspect the value of tradition in contemporary world.
Eastman Cheng is an MFA graduate of the Chinese University of Hong Kong after having completed her Bachelor of Arts from the same university. Cheng believes “objects” are traces of human activity. Through meditating objects designed by others, the artist transforms them according to her feelings and experiences into a peculiar human landscape.


New paintings by Lam Tung-pang

15.5. – 16.6.2012, Goethe-Gallery

Opening at 7:00pm on 15.5.2012 (Tue) in the presence of the artist. The book launch of Hong Kong Artists – 20 Portraits will take place at the same time

Past Continuous Tense by Lam Tung-pang

“Past Continuous Tense” 2011 is originally the title of an art piece by Lam Tung-pang depicting a wildfire, where images of trees were copied from ancient Chinese, Korean and Japanese painters. It is a metaphor of connecting the past and now, creation and destruction. In this exhibition with the same title, Lam continues this metaphor with his real experience of city development and his frequent visits to the village of Ma Shi Po in Fanling. A large-size painting (220cm x 480cm) showing the artist’s impression of Ma Shi Po and his complex feelings towards the development of cityscape will be featured. Also on display are an installation of a found object from Ma Shi Po and a group of paintings on plywood, inspired mainly by Chinese paintings.

Currently living and working in Hong Kong, Lam Tung-pang uses both traditional (oil, acrylic, charcoal, pencil) and non-traditional (nails, sand, plywood) materials to produce thought-provoking pieces engaging with the ideas of memory, history or reflecting the specific situation of individuals or groups. They are mostly related to specific situations or social contents and some of them are in monument scale. All of Lam’s works are given a touch of humanity that makes them more approachable. Lam studied Fine Art at the Chinese University of Hong Kong before undertaking an MA at Central St Martin’s College of Art, London in 2004. He has been awarded numerous scholarship and awards, including Arts Scholarship from Hong Kong Arts Development Council (2003), “Hunting Art Prizes Young Artist of the Year” in U.K.(2005) and Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards (2009). He has exhibited extensively world-wide and has work in many private and public collections, including Deutsche Bank and Hong Kong Museum of Art.

Goethe-Gallery address and opening hours:

Goethe-Gallery, Goethe-Institut Hongkong

14/F Hong Kong Arts Centre

2 Harbour Road, Wanchai
10:00am - 8:00pm (Mon - Fri)

2:00pm - 6:00pm (Sat)

Free admission

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