March 21, 2011




My right wrist felt pain suddenly last week. I knew that's because my hand kept a pose too long when painting. I thought that's not serious.
However, I still felt pain after a week. Eastman suggested me to wear a supporter. Ooh, that's too loose to me...after sewing, it fitted me finally. Thanks Eastman! It's better now:)


ff said...

sorry to hear that, joey. hope you will get well soon from the pain. btw, perhaps you can try to do some movements with your wrist and hand? Like you hand is a "brush", and use your our hand to paint in the might be able to ease your pain through such kind of =)

joey said...

thanks ff!
my hand got worse these few to u later:)

米米媽媽 said...

Pls take good care la.... See if doctor can help you for the pain! :)

Luci said...

am artist and have the same problem! a dr recommended to do some exercise for my hand every day, this are they:

*with the arm straight, pull the fingers in the oposit direction of the palms, whit the other hand

*put the oposit side of your hands in your back to the height of the bra and push the elbows to the outside direction of your body

this two or any other exercise to RELEASE TENSION IN THE ARMS AND HANDS will work, that is the key

i hope i be clear, it works for me!

joey said...

thanks minnie!

thanks for your advice, Luci! will try this out:)